corporate wellness membership

A Corporate Wellness Membership Program allows companies to enroll in a more affordable and convenient wellness program that has the capacity to reach more employees over the course of a year.

There are a variety of options to choose from based on the size of your company and the variety of wellness services that you need.

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Corporate Membership Annual Services Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Membership Kick-off
(Live* or via Webinar)
Monthly Newsletters
Quarterly Wellness Webinars
Wellness Poster Set – Quarterly
Individual Wellness Challenges
Staff Wellness Evaluations – 2/year
On-Line Access to Wellness Expert
Corporate Walking Challenge
Access to New Day Wellness Academy™**
2 4 6
Wellness Events
2 events/year (Live* or via Webinar)
Wellness Workshop – Make Wellness Priority
1.5 hrs (Live or via Webinar)
Group Exercise Sessions  6/year  12/year
Mental Health Awareness Workshop
2 hrs (Live* or Via Webinar)
Employee Level Groups
How many employees?
Total Employees:0 - 25
Please contact us for a quote. 200.00 300.00 425.00 525.00


A minimum of 12 months for Initial Membership Subscription is applicable, which can be canceled anytime after 12 months.
* Surcharge for live visits over 50km
** For New Day Wellness Academy™ course selection, click here.

explanation of services

At the start of each membership program, an engaging 30-minute Kick-off launch will be provided (Live or via Webinar) to explain the services being offered and to ignite excitement for all employees.

Every month members will receive an informative newsletter highlighting important wellness information specific to the theme of the month.

Members will be invited to participate in 30-60 minute wellness webinars on a variety of topics.

Members will receive a variety of posters to display at workstations and throughout the workplace to encourage continuous engagement and motivation.

Members will be invited to participate in a variety of individual challenges to offer motivation and accountability for new healthy life-style habits. (water drinking challenge, mindfulness challenge, fitness challenge).

Each member will be asked to complete an anonymous self-reported wellness evaluation based on the three main components of wellness (Physical Activity, Nutrition and Mental Health). These anonymous survey results will be compiled and provided to the employer.

Introducing on-line wellness education with an engaging and retrospective approach to allow the learner an opportunity to retain and integrate the information learned in to “real-life”. Great for employees working in remote locations, on rotating shifts or want additional wellness education on or off the job-site. Course topics include: Stress Management, Time Management, Sleep, Nutrition, Mental Health and Diversity in the Workplace. Includes quizzes and a Certificate of Completion.

This interactive workshop (Making Wellness a Priority) will be delivered (Live or via Webinar) to help each individual identify their own personal motivation and unique wellness journey. Participant engagement will be strongly encouraged.

Members will be invited to enjoy lunch-time events such as Smoothie Days, New Day Minute to Win It games, Know Your Numbers, Cooking Education etc. (30 minutes).

Members will be invited to participate in a 50-minute yoga/stretching-type class designed for ALL fitness levels (Live or via Webinar). Participants will learn safe and effective exercises and stretches to support their mental and physical health.

Designed to provide participants with a better understanding on Mental Health vs Mental Illness and an opportunity to stimulate important conversations around the stigma associated.

By special request.