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corporate wellness membership

Corporate Wellness Membership

Introducing online wellness education with an engaging and retrospective approach to allow the learner an opportunity to retain and integrate the information learned into “real-life”.

Corporate Membership Annual Services Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Membership Kick-off (Live* or viaWebinar)
Monthly Newsletters
Quarterly Wellness Webinars
Wellness Poster Set – Quarterly
Individual Wellness Challenges
Staff Wellness Evaluations – 2/year
On-Line Access to Wellness Expert
Corporate Walking Challenge
Access to New Day Wellness Academy™** 2/employee 4/employee 6/employee
Wellness Events (Live* or Via Webinar)- 2/year
Wellness Workshop – Make Wellness Priority (1.5 hr Live or Via Webinar)
Group Exercise Sessions  6/year  12/year
Mental Health Awareness Workshop – (2hr Live* or Via Webinar)
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* Surchage for live visits over 50km
** For New Day Wellness Academy™ course selection, click here.