Making Wellness a Priority

"This is a must-read book for anyone who is looking to take their personal and professional development to the next level.“

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

12 times international no.1 Bestselling author & 2023 most empowering confidence coach in north america

Topics Uncovered in the book

Understanding & Setting Your Priorities

Before any significant lifestyle change can happen, it must become a priority.  Understanding how that works and setting them in writing will lead to successful health and happiness.

Overcoming Barriers

The book will discuss the 3 main keys to wellness and help you overcome your barriers to managing sustainable: Physical Activity, Healthy Eating and Mental Health. 

Evidence and a bit of Science

The book also offers the evidence behind the importance to consistently manage the 3 main keys to wellness.   It's not a "do as I say" book, there is actual science behind it.

Stories of Inspiration

To help motivate and inspire you, the book includes various true stories of individuals who have endured adversity or worked through their barriers and now understand the value of Making Wellness a Priority.

Bonus Features

Throughout the book you will have access to a variety of bonus features using the QR codes that you will find as you enjoy Making Wellness a Priority.

MWAP - Workbook

Print out the Making Wellness a Priority (MWAP) workbook to help guide you through the important steps to uncover your Priorities and remove any Barriers.

Videos & Podcasts

Throughout the book you will be invited to watch videos and listen to podcasts that help support the method of Making Wellness a Priority.

Planning Guide

To help keep you organized with your meal planning you will gain access to a free meal planning guide.

Reader's reviews

"A very relatable and enjoyable read. Thoroughly appreciate Lisa’s reminder of the important things especially when it comes to putting ourselves first so that we can better support those around us. Highly recommend!"


insurance broker

"The book's length is perfect for busy individuals looking for a quick but impactful read. It's an invitation to shift your perspective and start prioritizing wellness in your life. Such a lovely and digestible read!"



"Lisa's book resonated with me on a personal level. Her wellness journey mirrors my own struggles and hopefully successes. It's a comforting and uplifting read for anyone facing health challenges. She isn't afraid to be real and we need more real in this world ."



"LIsa's new book focuses on wellness, a crucial aspect in today’s corporate world. Embracing wellness enhances productivity, fosters resilience, and cultivates a thriving work environment. I encourage everyone to get their hands on a copy"


director of business devlopement

" Your book is easy to read and extreme educational.
I truly enjoyed the learnings and you remind me of stop making excuses and start making wellness a priority within my daily schedule. Reality check. I know for fact and experience, life is an ongoing journey and we continue to learn, adjust and manage our daily decisions just like your book says “choices”. 


chairman & entrepreneur

"I found it an easy read and very interesting. It was well structured and the mix of technical information with personal stories is well done. The advice is very practical.
Good to see a focus on mental health, which is often not addressed in fitness books, and the reason this is not a fitness book but a wellness book."



Let Me Tell You More About My Book

This book has been a journey of self-discovery and a chance to share my wellness passion in a format accessible to anyone interested in learning and embracing empowerment to prioritize wellness.

Initially, I thought it would be a quick project. However, I soon realized that writing a book demands full commitment to ensure stories, content, and evidence are thorough, up-to-date, and accurate.

After more than a decade, I'm thrilled to finally share this book with you. My hope is that it empowers and guides you towards Making Wellness a Priority for a happy and healthy life.

With more than three decades in the health and wellness field, I'm thrilled to share my learnings and insights in my latest book. As a certified Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, Mental Health Trainer, Global Facilitator, International Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host, and award-winning founder of New Day Wellness Inc., I take pride in offering impactful guidance on prioritizing wellness for a joyful and healthy life.

Lisa Lounsbury

Author & Founder