8 Weeks to Wellness 


Join Wellness Coach Lisa Lounsbury for 8 weeks of virtual resistance, strength and stretch sessions

September 5th to October 26th

Your Virtual Schedule

Tuesdays - EVENING


Wrap Up Your Day: Wind down with our virtual evening stretch session, designed to help you relax and reset. Embrace the calm and get ready for a restful night ahead.

Wednesdays - EVENING


Core Power Unleashed: Join our virtual session to ignite your core strength from anywhere. Sculpt, tone, and feel the burn as we target your centre. Get ready to rock your core! 

Thursdays - EVENING


Light Up Your Strength: Unleash your potential in our virtual resistance session, featuring light weights for a dynamic workout at home. Elevate your fitness game and shine brighter with every rep! 

Fridays - MORNING


Rise and Stretch: Start your day on the right foot with our invigorating morning virtual stretch session. Get your body moving, boost your energy, and set a positive tone for the day ahead! 

Get ready for an incredible journey! Starting September 5th, you'll have a full 8 weeks of non-stop action ahead. Dive in and participate in as many sessions as you desire, connecting with a vibrant community all striving for their unique wellness ambitions. No need to fret about cameras – they'll be off during these sessions, ensuring your comfort and focus.

And guess what? All this awesomeness comes at an amazing value

just $150 for the entire 8-week program. That's less than $5 per class! 

Let's make this journey together one for the books! 

Your Wellness Coach

Welcome to my virtual fitness space! I'm Lisa Lounsbury, a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and wellness coach with 30+ years of experience. Let's unite in our online community to boost strength, health, and happiness. Join me for empowering sessions that cater to all fitness levels. Together, let's chase our wellness goals and thrive!


The Wellness Lady


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