Hiking the Camino

On this episode of Your Wellness I talk to Jordan Kilganon who is known as the best professional basketball dunker in the world. He’s affectionately known as The Dunk King and has generated hundreds of millions of views on You Tube with his amazing dunks.  From jumping over cars to groups of volunteers, Jordan has perfected this unique sport and has been travelling around the world showing his talents and inspiring others to explore and uncover their own passions.

Jordan will share his personal journey of when he found his passion for dunking and how he has managed to create a full-time career out of this unique talent. He will also talk about his connection to basketball players Michael Jordan and Shakil O’Neil.

Jordan also opens up about how he learned to foster his own mental health struggles and how he transferred them into positive attributes to become a more resilient athlete.

All that and more on Your Wellness.