Hiking the Camino

Hey there, I'm wellness coach Lisa Lounsbury, and you're tuned in to Your Wellness. In today's episode, I had a cool chat with Julia Wooster, who's a Certified Hypnotist from London, Ontario, Canada. We talked about how hypnosis can help people stop habits they don't like by working with their unconscious mind.

Julia shared some neat stuff about how hypnosis works and why it might not always do what we want. She even told us about her own experience as a "nail-biter" and how hypnosis actually helped her stop biting her nails.

We also talked about how hypnosis can be super helpful for folks who want to quit smoking. Julia had some awesome stories about people she's helped with hypnosis to quit smoking for good.

So, if you're curious about hypnosis, how it works, and how it can make big changes in your life, this episode of Your Wellness is for you. I'm Lisa Lounsbury, and I hope you enjoy our chat about hypnosis and how it can make your life better.