Hiking the Camino

On this episode of Your Wellness I welcome a returning guest Matthieu Bonin who spoke to use a few months ago to announce he was planning on swimming around the largest freshwater island in the world in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Multiple Sclerosis in honor of his Aunt Claire who passed away from the disease.

Fresh out of the water having endured hypothermia, exhaustion and the difficult decision to abandon the swim midway through, Matthieu shares his journey of this extraordinary swim. He explains what he contemplated with his team during his 2 week swim along the North Channel, the challenges along with the many blessings that unfolded last month.

Matthieu's story goes beyond his journey swimming the North Channel.  He also openly shares is current mental health and how his depression has resurfaced since returning to "normal life" post event.

You will be inspired to ignite and follow through with your own goals and passions and find the blessings from even when those goals have a different outcome than previously planned.  You will learn more about the stigma that still surrounds mental illness and how we can collectively work to empathize better to allow anyone who might be dealing with a mental challenge reach out for help.

All that and more on Your Wellness.