Hiking the Camino

Join me as I chat with Bruno Lalonde who shares his personal transformation story from being an unhealthy and overweight 33 yr old father of two to becoming  fit enough to run a half marathon while inspiring his employees and community members to make their health a priority too.

Bruno's wellness journey started during the pandemic when he realized that his bad habits and current state of health was taking him down a risky path and that he might not be around to walk his daughter down the isle at her wedding.  He shares the moment that he realized he had to make a dramatic change to his lifestyle and how being a father has motivated him to continue working towards a healthy future.

You'll hear about his dramatic weight loss journey and how he manages to balance his personal life along with his hectic professional career while at the same time working towards creating a healthier community for his home-town of Sudbury Ontario Canada.

All that and more on Your Wellness.