Let’s be honest – Discussing menopause at work has long been considered taboo. But I believe society is now ready to embrace the truth about how menopause impacts women and the challenges it poses in the workforce for all.


  • According to the Menopause Foundation of Canada
  • Women spend half their lives in menopause?
  • One-quarter of Canadian workers are women over 40?
  • The fastest-growing segment falls between ages 45-55, prime menopause years?
  • Menopause symptoms can affect work performance?
  • One in ten women may leave their jobs due to menopause challenges?
  • Three-quarters of women desire workplace support during menopause?

Take a moment to look at this infograph below and wrap your mind around these statistics….

State of the Nation Report

For ages, women have silently coped with menopausal symptoms, often feeling they had no right to seek medical help or voice their struggles. Until recently, societal norms made women believe that since menopause is a “natural part of aging,” they should endure its symptoms without complaint.

Menopause encompasses three distinct stages: perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause. The term “menopause” commonly refers to the entirety of this continuum.
Menopause (all stages) is accompanied by over 30 symptoms. However, each individual’s journey through menopause is distinctive. While some may encounter minimal symptoms, others may grapple with prolonged symptoms lasting a decade or beyond. The diversity of symptoms can be attributed to the presence of estrogen receptors throughout women’s bodies. This variability can result in a spectrum of experiences ranging from hot flashes and night sweats to joint discomfort, changes in skin texture, dry eyes, and recurrent urinary tract infections. AND THIS IS JUST SCRATCHING THE SURFACE.

Women can also endure: Lack of energy, Depression, Muscle, joint aches and pains, insomnia and bladder control issues (and there are still more).
Knowledge gives you power! When women have accurate information, they can make informed choices. Simple changes in lifestyle, regular check-ups, and many safe treatments can make a big difference during perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause. By talking openly about menopause and how it affects work, and by helping out coworkers facing symptoms, we can make menopause less of a mystery and more understood by everyone. Let’s work together to make sure everyone knows what they need to know!

I’m Feeling Optimistic

Even though we still have a ways to go in educating both women and men (not to mention many healthcare providers), I’m feeling pretty confident and optimistic that most people are open and eager to learn more. Personally, I’ve been feeling the effects of perimenopause and am now heading straight towards menopause and then postmenopause.

My first ‘public’ hot flash!

Let me tell you about my first ‘public’ hot flash: it happened just as I was meeting a new group of participants who were about to become certified in Mental Health First Aid.
Right after I introduced myself and was all set to lead this important course, I was hit by a severe hot flash right in front of these strangers. I was caught off guard and felt a significant (but thankfully temporary) brain fog. But you know what? Everyone in the group, mostly men, was incredibly compassionate and supportive. Some shared that their wives were going through something similar, and many quickly fetched a fan and some water to help me cool down. Unfortunately, I was having these hot flashes consistently every two hours, which meant I would often find myself in this overwhelming moment while discussing very sensitive information about mental health.
That first public episode gave me some hope for the future in the often overlooked world of menopause. It showed me that even though this topic isn’t openly discussed in the corporate setting yet, I believe most people are ready to start breaking the silence.

Menopause Education & Advocacy

I’m really passionate about educating and empowering individuals about menopause, and I’m committed to providing groundbreaking research for anyone who wants to learn more about this natural phenomenon.

Stay tuned for a series of newsletters, webinars, and workshops on Menopause and Work!

Please feel free to share your personal stories or ask me anything related to menopause. I’m here to help!

Until we meet again!
Lisa Lounsbury
Founder of New Day Wellness Inc.

Source: Menopause at Work – the Menopause Foundation of Canada

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