individual wellness assessments & coaching

P.E.A.K.™ Individual Wellness Assessments & Coaching

Health status is highly individual therefore New Day Wellness Inc.’s Annual Wellness Programs include individual coaching sessions.

Access to this service means that employees are able to obtain a specific and individual wellness evaluation. The coaching session aims to integrate the information provided in group learning settings and apply them to an individual’s unique life through SMART goal setting and identifying the stage of change that they are in.

The coaching sessions focus on the topics of:

  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health

Individual Wellness Assessments include:

  • Blood Pressure & Pulse,
  • Body Mass Index (BMI),
  • Body Fat Count (% of BF),
  • Body Composition, and;
  • General Nutrition Coaching.

Follow up sessions are available in person or by phone. Being accountable and supported through a coach will increase your success rate and you will begin to enjoy the benefits of your focus and determination.

I have seen Lisa work with challenging groups. She had them laughing, engaged, and most important: learning. She is passionate about safety, health & wellness and it shows in everything she does.

– P. Hulschilt, Professional Speaker