bringing health
to health & safety ™

bringing health
to health & safety ™

bringing health
to health & safety ™

bringing health
to health & safety ™

bringing health
to health & safety ™

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At New Day Wellness, our mission is to offer a common-sense approach to living a healthy well-balanced lifestyle both at home and at work.  Resulting from our passion to Motivate, Strengthen and Empower individuals, we have developed our unique P.E.A.K.™ Workplace Wellness Training Programs for every ‘body’ and every industry.  It is not just a benefit to have healthy employees, it is essential. Employee wellness is the key to corporate success and it’s important to understand that a healthy employee is a safer, more productive employee.

New Day Wellness

According to the World Health Organization, chronic diseases are the major cause of death and disability worldwide.  In Canada, chronic diseases are projected to account for 89% of all deaths.  Canadian employees with four lifestyle risk factors (eg. sedentary, overweight, smoker, high alcohol intake) are absent over 50% more often than those without the risk factors, and cost their employers 2-3 times more in health benefit costs (The Business Case for a Healthy Workplace, 2011).

Lead the way and reverse this trend with the support of New Day Wellness.

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The Walk4Wellness Corporate Walking Challenge is Back! Register your corporate team, challenge your industry rivals and get ready to be active! June 2018

Walking Challenge 2018

prizes + incentives

Prizes will be awarded to the:

  • Top Individual Walker
    • Signature Running Room Jacket & Backpack
    • Winners Plaque
  • Top Corporate Team
    • Group Lunch & Learn
    • Winners Plaque

Access to the LogYourSteps online platform for 1 year.

participants with disabilities

The Walk4Wellness Corporate Walking Challenge has been created to get everyone moving. For individuals using a wheel chair or other mobile devices, a conversion chart to track activity will be provided on the LogYourSteps platform.

rules + regulations

  1. Each workplace will appoint a “Challenge Coordinator / Team Captain” to liaise with New Day Wellness during the challenge. This data will be collected weekly by New Day Wellness through the LogYourSteps platform.
  2. All fitness trackers can be worn throughout the day and evenings.
  3. A LogYourSteps online platform will be accessible for each participant.
  4. Each participant will be on the honour system when tracking his or her steps.
  5. This is not only a team challenge, but also a personal challenge to do your best physically.
  6. Signing up as a Corporate Team will give you the option of inviting another company to a friendly challenge.
  7. Participants will also be able to use the online activity converter for any activity that is performed without the use of a fitness tracker (Ex. Yoga, Swimming etc.).

registration package

Option 1

$20 per person
  • HST Included
  • LogYourSteps Platform (1 Year Subscription)

additional info

LogYourSteps platform is used for all package options:

  • Accessed on smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate
  • Includes colour coding to see progress
  • Has option to log healthy practices (e.g. meditation, water, daily fibre, etc.)
  • Converts all other activities into steps (Ex. Yoga, Swimming etc.)

Payments are processed securely through PayPal.

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