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Making Wellness a Priority 

A workbook to help you prevent the STOPS and STARTS of your wellness journey

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This workbook includes:

A step-by-step roadmap to guide you in identifying barriers that might be hindering your path and finding solutions to a successful wellness journey specifically for YOU.

Step 1

Recognizing and listing your primary priorities, as the first step towards shifting your focus on the "why" behind Making Wellness a Priority.

Step 2

Acknowledging and understanding the common obstacles that arise when trying to establish a routine of regular exercise, healthy eating, and mental health support.

 Step 3

Exploring and applying strategies to overcome the barriers hindering you from establishing a routine of regular exercise, healthy eating, and supporting your mental health.

step 4

Creating a SMART goals strategy, incorporating the barriers and solutions you've recently identified, and utilizing the tracking form to maintain accountability and achieve success.

Please note that this workbook serves as a fundamental starting point for your journey in Making Wellness a Priority. To ensure sustained long-term success in your wellness journey, we highly recommend enrolling in our comprehensive online program. This evidence-based program has been meticulously designed, tested, and proven effective in supporting your commitment to your individual priorities. By joining the full program, you'll receive the necessary tools and guidance to achieve lasting positive changes and enhance your overall well-being.

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