Corporate Wellness Programs

Customize your own Corporate Wellness Program

Chose from a variety of services such as:

  • Wellness Workshops
  • Staff Wellness Evaluations
  • Individual Wellness Assessments
  • Individual On-line Resource
  • Corporate Wellness Challenges
  • Wellness Events
  • Monthly Wellness Posters, videos and newsletters

Wellness Workshop Themes include:

Make Wellness a Priority

Designed to provide clients with the first steps in understanding the importance of their health and wellness in their own lives. The workshop is aimed to equip clients with the tools they need to start their personal journey of wellness.

Wellness Equality and Diversity Training

This workshop focuses on improving corporate health by educating clients on appropriate workplace behavior and culture around equality and diversity in the workplace.

Mental Health within the Workplace

The workplace relies on healthy minded individuals, hence why improving the overall mental health of your employees is so important. This workshop expands upon the concepts of mental health within the workplace and its importance in maintaining clients personal well-being.

Work-life Balance

Teaches the concepts of managing work and personal life to clients. The workshop expands upon a multitude of techniques that clients can bring to their everyday lives to help them develop healthy Work Life Balance.

Resiliency and Interpersonal Skill Development

Relationship skills and flexibility are important in the overall health of a workplace. This is why New Day Wellness offers a workshop designed around teaching clients how to improve their overall interpersonal skills and define and develop their personal resiliency.

Stress and Time management

In today’s society we are constantly on the go, this in itself can take a toll on ones overall well being. This workshop provides clients with tools to better manage their personal stress and time to improve their work and personal lives.


New Day Wellness takes clients on a journey of comprehending the art of mindfulness. This workshop aids to provide an overall understanding of mindfulness-based stress reduction and how to use this concept to improve individual health.

Understanding Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits

Eating is part of our everyday lifestyle and that is why this workshop is so important. It provides clients with an apprehension of what nutrition really is and how they can work towards improving personal eating habits with simple daily steps.

Sleep as a part of a healthy lifestyle

The concept of how important sleep is escapes many of us in our society. This workshop delivers aid for individuals who need assistance with their sleep habits, whole providing educational aspects to why sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle and how to develop positive sleep routines and behaviors for the future.

Communication and Team Environment Training

This workshop aids in providing clients with training on how to become an active listener and effective communicator. The educational aspects of this workshop also elaborate on how to use these gained skills to improve team environments or establish better team environments within a workplace.

Physical Health and Workplace Exercise

We all know how important physical health is but sadly not many of us know how to get enough of the physical activity we need. Physical Health and Workplace Exercise looks to provide clients with hands-on education on physical health and on how to get their daily physical activity in even while working.

Keystone Habits and Wellness Priorities

Development of Keystone Habits can make a healthy lifestyle a permanent part of anyone’s daily routine. New Day Wellness has designed a workshop teaching what keystone habits really are, and providing an educational tutorial on how they can be used to help develop personalized wellness priorities.

Smoking Cessation

This workshop provides clients with the education and knowledge needed to apply smoking cessation to their personal life.

Managing Addictive Behaviors

Providing knowledge about addiction (any addiction) is the first step to helping those who may need it. This workshop provides an educational look at what addiction is, the behaviors it includes and how individuals can work to manage or assist others who may need support.