Corporate Wellness Challenges

Social Wellness is becoming a valuable component to the overall success of individuals’ wellness goals.  Why not get active and healthy by participating in a corporate wellness challenge?  Contact New Day Wellness to arrange a corporate challenge.

Select a challenge theme and get ready to have fun while getting fit with your colleagues:

  • Physical Activity
    • Pedometer walking challenge (choose from a community-wide Walk4Wellness Challenge or arrange a private workplace challenge)
    • Hiking Trail Challenge
    • Plank Challenge
    • Bike Challenge
    • Squat & Push Up Challenge
    • Jumping Jack Challenge
  • Nutrition
    • Water Consumption Challenge
    • Fruit & Vegetable Intake Challenge
    • Health Meal Recipe Challenge
    • Smoothie Making Challenge
    • Reading Food Label Challenge
  • Mental Health
    • Yoga Challenge
    • Breaking a Bad Habit Challenge
    • Making Time for You Challenge
    • Learning a New Skill Challenge