Bringing Health to Health and SafetyTM

With 80% more Canadians dying from a chronic illness (Stats Canada 2011) than an accidental death, it is imperative that a wellness component be included into every Health and Safety Program.

At New Day Wellness we offer comprehensive wellness programs to:

  • Identify wellness risks in your workplace (regardless of industry or location)Reach every employee (regardless of shift schedule or location)
  • Offer workshops/seminars on topics that support the wellness needs of your employees
  • Motivate, Strengthen and Empower each individual to Make Wellness a Priority

These programs also focus on


  • Absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Mental Health issues
  • Health Care Costs
  • Workplace Injuries such as MSDs


  • Productivity
  • Company Morale
  • Financial Success
  • Company Profile

Select from a variety of Workplace Wellness Programs such as:

  • Interactive Wellness Workshops
  • Individual Wellness Assessments
  • Corporate Wellness Challenges
  • Individual Wellness Coaching
  • Worksite Exercise Programs

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Lisa and New Day Wellness is a pioneer riding a new wave of employer enlightenment.  Improved productivity is the new buzzword around human capital/assets.  Machine innovation can only go so far without healthy, alert and motivated employees of all service delivery and products…….seize your power!!!” -  C. Nadjiwon